Hey Gamers,

As you know we upload Full Games Setup in a single file and provide you high speed download. Regardless of the game size. This isn't a simple task. Since when a large number of clients start downloading these huge games, we need to add more servers to deal with the transfer speed. Consequently we need to pay high lease on a month to month basis to keep these servers ready for action.

Also, we prefer not to give any outsider free games sharing connections since they can be dead at some point or another. Despite the fact that they are free, we don't utilize them. Since following a half year or somewhere in the vicinity, every single free connection can be dead. Same is the situation with torrents which can turn out to be dead inevitably and there are no seeders.

That is the reason we chose to endure the shot alone and leased servers for you. So you can download boundless games with single direct connection. Be that as it may, with the developing game sizes, this is getting hard for us, since we need to lease an ever increasing number of servers to deal with the transmission capacity. I might likewise want to include that we invest tremendous energy testing games before transferring. With the goal that you may not confront any issues.

So now we need your help. This will assist us with paying the month to month lease of our servers. You can pay as less as $1. Since each penny checks. It would be ideal if you pay as much as you can and show your affection 🙂

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